Mental & Physical Health

10th cause of death
Mental illness can affect
1 in 10
Mental Illness


We trust these organizations to help youth experiencing issues of mental or physical illness or abuse. Please consider reaching out to one of these organizations if you want or need help.


National Alliance on Mental Illness of Ohio (NAMI Ohio) exists to improve the quality of life and ensure dignity and respect for persons with serious mental illness, and offer support to their families and close friends.
Helpline:    1 800-686-2646

In the United States, you can reach the toll-free, 24-hour hot line of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK to talk to a trained counselor.

Online chat counseling is also available.

24-Hour Helpline: 1 800-273-8255

Preventing and reporting child abuse is one of the most important things a community can do for its children. Franklin County Children Services receives more than 30,000 reports of child abuse each year and serves more than 30,000 children and their families.

24-Hour Child Abuse Hotline: 1 614-229-7000


Our Video Playlist

  • About Exercise and the Brain

    Wellcast’s video on Exercise and the Brain conveys the mental benefits of exercising, such as improving focus and decreasing the probability of someone experiencing depression. It also offers advice on how to start an exercise routine. So to reap the mental and obviously physical benefits of exercising, we highly suggest that you watch this relatable video.
  • To This Day… For the bullied and the beautiful

    Bullying comes in many forms, and in some way or another we all have been affected by it. Spoken word poet Shane Koyczan, himself a victim of bullying when he was a kid, turned the pain he felt, and that all bullied kids feel, into a beautiful spoken word poem that you can see here. Watch and share this video with everyone you know who might be impacted by its message.
  • We want to see you be Brave

    Just listen to Sara Bareilles’ words, and let them lift you up if you’re feeling down: “You can be amazing You can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug You can be the outcast Or be the backlash of somebody’s lack of love Or you can start speaking up…”
  • Rise above your self-doubts - you’re a Firework

    We all have moments of self-doubt, or times we think we’re not worthy enough. Life can frequently be unfair and we all experience hard challenges. But if you let your struggles defeat you, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. You CAN do anything you want to do if you rise to meet the occasion, work hard, seek support where it’s available, and never give up. Empowerment is all about your state of mind. Know in your heart, like Katy says, that “you’re a firework.”

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